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The Philosophy

OverviewThe Philosophy that runs behind the progress of Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group is not simply put. As a real estate company, we have a duty towards better real estate with each project we undertake and complete. However, our philosophy is about a scope much larger than just our massive constructions. Our philosophy is about how we can really do better for humanity in general while sticking to the core values and commitments of a real estate developer. With our resources and acclaim in the world of construction and realty, we hope to do more than build houses.

At Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group, we create opportunities for hundreds of young professionals to develop careers in one of the largest industries of the world – real estate. Growing in India at breathtaking rates annually, India’s real estate industry is today nearly at US $ 100 billion a year, and the projected estimation is nearly US $ 200 billion by 2020. This industry is the backbone for economic development, and since real estate is as much about economy as it is about housing, Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group plays a small but vital cog in the massive game. Not only do we create homes and offices for people to live and work in, we also create jobs for enterprising and free thinking young minds.

A part of our Philosophy at Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group is also about the lesser privileged. While the educated urban youth get the fruits of our work, where do the unskilled and poor feature? – in our family, they are our foundation. Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group believes in the reality that real estate cannot happen without the laborers whose sweat and toil build such magnificent structures. Even with the huge machinery support and technological advancements we use in our projects, labor is the life blood of a building, and our philosophy is in awarding and encouraging our most necessary workers.

With success come responsibilities, and Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group finds success only in the realization of our responsibilities. Without finding ourselves immersed in social betterment and uplifting the downtrodden, our philosophy is merely left unimplemented. Thus, we ensure that while the developing real estate industry blesses our progress, we are never far to lend a helping hand to the needy. From educational projects to free kitchens, we extensively involve our worker’s family members into such endeavors. We ensure the realization of aspirations for the smallest cogs in our company to justify the rapid success they have given us in our progress. Without giving back to the world, Shree Riddhi Siddhi Group couldn’t have climbed to the zenith of the real estate industry in India as it has.

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